About us

For fifteen years, the award-winning innovations of our team have been critical components of major studies in the military and intelligence analysis communities.  We create custom simulation analysis products that decision makers actively use to understand socio-cultural systems. 

Our expertise and experience span the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Social Science, and Simulation.  We push the envelope in the area of Complex Adaptive Systems, Cognitive Agent Societies, Social Simulation,  Validation, Natural Language Processing, Evolutionary Computation, Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks, Semantic Web, and Analysis Science. 

Agent Based Learning Systems has made Computational Social Science a practical reality.  Please click on the buttons in the upper left to learn more about us and to arrange custom software design, implementation, and analysis.  We welcome proposal and subcontracting arrangements.

POC:  Debbie Duong, Ph.D

Phone:   571-276-8270

Email:  dduong@agentbasedlearningsystems.com

Web: http://www.AgentBasedLearningSystems.com